New Studies: CBD May Slow Brain Cell Death

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Description: According to recent studies on animals and rodents, Cannabidiol has massive anti-inflammatory power that can reduce brain cells’ death. This article offers new insights on CBD for slow brain cell death.

Preclinical evidence published by the Frontiers in Pharmacology in 2017 shows CBD oil is significant at treating Alzheimer’s and dementia diseases. The Combination of THC and CBD has impressive benefits in reverting symptoms associated with brain cell death. 

Cannabidiol products have no psychoactive effect, and therefore, it’s ideal for promoting calm and inducing sleep. Thus, CBD syrup is excellent for children and individuals suffering from mental disorders to help induce calmness and sleep in periods of extensive pain.

Learn new studies on the use of CBD to slow brain cells’ death in the subsequent sections.

What Is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is among the 113 cannabinoids discovered in the cannabis plant. CBD takes up 40% of the total cannabis plant content. Cannabidiol can be inhaled in the form of aerosol spray, vapor, or smoke. Compared to THC, which is also a cannabis extract, CBD has no psychoactivity.

In 2018, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States approved CBD’s use to manage 2 epileptic conditions. Epileptic is a neurological disorder that arises from congenital disabilities, infections in the brain, brain tumors, stroke, or brain injury. Thus, cannabidiol can regenerate the brain cells and reduce these conditions that cause epilepsy.

Check the below list of CBD benefits

      CBD is potent at addressing anxiety

      CBD helps in treating insomnia by inducing and encouraging sleep

      CBD can treat chronic pain such as arthritis and the management of epilepsy.

      Studies show that CBD oil is excellent in treating skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

      CBD has power in relieving neuropathic pain and is excellent in general pain control.

CBD Oil or Hemp Oil

Cannabidiol and Hemp oil are two distinctive products. Cannabidiol is extracted from the cannabis plant and uses hemp flowers, leaves, or stalk to create the oil. At the same time, hemp seed oil comes from the cannabis plant seeds. The seeds contain bioactive compounds, fatty acids, and nutrients essential for skin therapies, relieving pain, and managing chronic illnesses.

Studies show that cooking using hemp and cannabidiol is essential in improving general cardiovascular health by working on triglycerides and total cholesterol. Recent CBD oil news published by CISION PR Newswire shows that the industry growth is on the uptrend as more people discover cannabidiol’s effectiveness in reducing anxiety and stress.

The Amazing Power of cannabidiol extends to offering calming effects for pets, which is beneficial for the owners.

CBD Oil for Dementia

Cannabidiol has proven to treat symptoms associated with dementia, such as anxiety and agitation. Studies show that consuming or using high concentrated cannabidiol can introduce the brain and relieve the patient from stress, inflammation, and headache.

CBD Oil for Parkinson’s Disease

CBD oil has excellent benefits of treating Parkinson’s disease, and it’s possible to wonder which CBD oil is best for Parkinson’s disease. For the best cannabidiol benefits, check excellent brands such as CBDistillery, Ojai Energetics, Lazarus Naturals, Veritas Farms, Absolute Nature, Holmes Organics, Nuleaf Naturals, Zatural, and Charlotte’s Web.

Oils from these brands help in ceasing Parkinson’s disease symptoms and allow individuals to lead a quality life.

CBD For Brain Cells Death

Studies show that the CBD compound interacts with CBD receptors in the brain to relieve the impact of pathological conditions. Are you wondering how CBD oil works in the brain? The oil penetrates the brain cells to initiate anti-inflammatory and physiological responses that manage pain and other brain conditions.

CBD works by binding to receptors that influence sleep, mood, and pain. Thus, continuous use of CBD oil and other products effectively treat neurological diseases, which give the brain ample time to regenerate cells.

Regarding brain cells, cannabidiol works against the oxidative effects in those preventive acidic conditions viable for bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. The reduction of the oxidative effect on the cells allows the nerves to regenerate and become healthy. Continuous use of CBD products in low concentration is ideal in restoring the brain cells and preventing brain cells’ death.

How to Use CBD

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Cannabidiol has fantastic benefits for all aspects of the body. The question lies in which products to use and how to use them. Most of the cannabidiol products such as oil, concentrates, syrups, gummies, and dabs come with prescription procedures.

The best advice for a beginner is to start with a low concentration of CBD dosage as they advance to the high concentration and heavier dosages. How to take the CBD oil depends on the prescriptions on the bottle. Some people prefer cannabidiol for massages, while others are for direct intake.

CBD Dosage

Mainly when taking cannabidiol, consider bodyweight and prevailing health conditions. For instance, about 150-240 pounds can take a CBD dosage of 15-20 mg 2x a day. A beginner should start with 10 mg 2x a day as they progress to a higher concentration.

Cannabidiol comes with a standard bottle of 30ml, and hence, it only lasts for some time. A person taking 15 mg of CBD twice a day will take 13 days to complete the 200 mg bottle.

According to a 2009 study, oral consumption of cannabidiol results in a 4%-20% bioavailability rate. Meaning an oral consumption of 100 mg will result in 20 mg in the blood.  Gummies offer the best results, and a 10 mg-25 mg dose is likely to last for 8 hours in the bloodstream.

Edibles take about 2-4 hours for absorption, and the effect can last for 5 days. Vaping has a high absorption rate with about 50% bioavailability. So it’s the most efficient and fastest method of consuming cannabidiol products. Within 10 minutes, it’s possible to feel the effect likely to last for 3 hours depending on the concentration.

Bottom Line

Studies show that CBD can slow the brain cells to die. The Cannabidiol product works on the brain receptors and counteracts the oxidative effect to reduce the alkaline nature. In such circumstances, the brain cells regenerate and repair, and thus, slow the brain’s death.

CBD oil is perfect for individuals with dementia and Parkinson’s disease. It can reduce inflammation and relieve the head of the pain, anxiety, and irritability symptoms associated with the condition. Either a message or taken orally, CBD product offers excellent managing pain options associated with chronic conditions.

Which CBD products work best in your case? Let us know in the comments section below.

Author’s Bio: Rae’s father is 70 years and has been suffering from dementia for 10 years now. The condition was a source of pain for the family since the sick father lack of drive to live and would always be in pain or suffering the conditions. She approached a friend that administered CBD oil, which is working magic to calming and inducing sleep. She chooses to share this knowledge to educate others in a similar situation.

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