What Are The CBD Effects On A Creative Flow


Written by: Chele

Description: Do CBD products affect the creative flow? CBD usage has several medicinal attachments, but what about enhanced creativity? Read on to learn more.

If you believe that CBD might boost your creative juices flow, you should probably maintain a steady supply of the supplement. It’s believed that the legendary Beatles may have penned down some of their greatest hits high on marijuana.

It’s not a surprise either that modern artists, musicians, sculptors, painters have kind words to share regarding the use of CBD for a creative boost. But the pertinent question still lingers – does CBD affect creative flow?

For one, creativity is subjective and devoid of actual empirical data as a means of measurements. However, previous studies have indicated the direct and indirect linkages between CBD’s usage and CBD effect for creative flow.

But how does CBD oil work on creative flow? Let’s find out below.

What Is CBD?

Before we can even look at CBD’s studies and relevance to creatives, let’s first define CBD. Cannabidiol is a natural compound derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Together with Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the more prevalent cannabinoids.

Cannabidiol is legal in most states and some places worldwide because of the distinguishing factor from Tetrahydrocannabinol.

You do not get a euphoric high with Cannabidiol usage, but the opposite is true with THC. This is one of the reasons regulations have been loosened on CBD.

How CBD Helps Creativity

Creativity can harness the power of imagination to develop or create something valuable. Creativity extends to critical thinking –it’s not confined to the creative arts – even solving mundane tasks such as organizing your home requires creativity. Scientists refer to brain activities that utilize the frontal lobe of the brain as divergent thinking.

In 1992, a study was conducted by Jasen Talise and subsequently published in the Berkley medical journal found that blood flow to the brain increased after cannabis consumption. A follow-up study done a decade later found the same reactions.

CBD Strains for Creativity

The study used low and high dosages for measurements. This means that the dosage is critical.  The amount you take may veer you off the path of conscience entirely – you know when you get stoned.

What’s more, is the fact that the studies found increased impulsiveness. On the surface, impulsive behavior has negative connotations; however, it is associated with spontaneity and risk-taking.

There is a science that extrapolates the relationship between impulsive behavior and creativity. That said, does CBD help creativity?

Is CBD Good for Creativity?

If we analyze available data, you notice that the answer is not clear-cut comparing CBD and THC. The latter seems to have a higher impact on the brain and not just on the euphoric highness front.

The study conducted in 2012 divided a group of people between high creativity and low creativity while sober. However, after consuming cannabis, the high creativity group frontal lobe activity remained constant, but there were increased cerebral activities in the low creativity lot.

In real sense, the study shows that there is not much cannabis will do for the already creative individual. But it can boost your writer’s block or lack of creativity if you feel like you’ve hit a wall.

There are positive testimonies from people who use cannabidiol to increase their creativity. While this might not be pushed as a conclusive study, it has a real appeal, albeit indirectly in the medical realm. They call it the entourage effect.

It is noted that when users take CBD for calming or anxiety, it will have additional effects such as improved or even fast-paced creativity. Taking CBD dosage in the right amount as CBD oils or best CBD cigarettes is suitable for enhanced creativity. 

Indirect Benefits Of CBD For Creative Flow

If you are looking for CBD’s benefit as an artist, performer, or even for critical thinking, then these two benefits are welcomed:

  •       Sleep: perhaps one of the studies that link better sleep with creativity is conducted by the University of California. The study linked better sleep cycles with improved pattern recognition. They relied on REM (an essential factor in creativity). Those participants that had REM showed better recognition patterns than the second group.
  •   Reduced anxiety:  again, there is some reservation even on the data available on the subject. First of all, the studies are not directly linked to creativity and even seem somewhat contentious. This indicates that creativity may also help to reduce anxiety. On the other hand,  cannabidiol is thought to reduce anxiety, subsequently increasing creativity.

The Best CBD Products For Creativity Boost

Cannabidiol users are spoilt for choice as far as cannabidiol product varieties are concerned. However, we’ll highlight a few that we feel offer maximum potential for creativity. How to take CBD for creativity?

  •   Vaping: CBD vaping is typical for any regular cannabidiol consumer. The fact vaping goes direct to your lungs through inhaling means that it’s an instant factor. You can set your planned CBD dosage.
  •   CBD edibles: think of CBD gummy or CBD flower for creativity. What CBD edible makes you feel special? It may be a brownie or delicious gummies. Whatever the choice, you can quickly improve your creativity by eating CBD edibles. However, remember that edibles tend to be the slowest to metabolize of the bunch.
  •       Ultimately, cannabidiol products have higher and unadulterated concentrations of CBD for enhanced creativity.

All in all, the natural cannabidiol product you settle on will offer the desirable creativity-enhancing effect. 

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that artists from far as a century ago have attributed a boost in creativity from the use of cannabis. Of course, it contains both CBD and THC, not refined but still significant. From a medical perspective, scientific studies have provided a glimpse of cannabidiol products’ benefits directly and indirectly.

Nevertheless, no single study is biased towards the direct linkage between creativity enhancements and cannabidiol product usage. Furthermore, the studies emphasize the dosage. Cannabis consumption, especially with THC, is known to create a light effect on the users. When it’s in a small dosage, it will help you achieve the desired creativity bossing effect.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Have you ever used CBD products to boost your creativity? Share your comments below.


Author’s Bio: Chele, a therapist, is in her mid-twenties and occasionally suffers from joint pains. She has been using CBD, and it has helped, so now she’s advocating for its use.


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